Fully Automatic 2D Stitching of Digital Images


  • No user intervention is required to produce panoramic images from digital images
  • Digital images with different sizes and angles are automatically aligned and used to create shared panoramas
  • Panoramas created with the software retain high resolution of the original digital image.
  • The algorithm is insensitive to the order, orientation and scale of the input images. 
  • Autostitch™ is the first application to automatically offer two dimensional stitching

Technology Details

Researchers at the University of British Columbia have developed a new panorama photo stitching software that can automatically recognize, align and blend multiple digital images to produce a seamless 2D panoramic image. Unlike previous approaches, this software performs 2D panorama stitching from unordered images without any user involvement.

Autostitch can be applied to any problem where two or more images must be “stitched” together. With a fully functional and commented source code package, Autostitch™ has been adopted by a number of industries, including virtual touring, consumer and professional image editing software, cell phone applications, the movie industry and chip makers for consumer devices.