Biomarker for Ovarian Cancer

Detection of oviduct-specific glycoprotein 1 (OvGP1) as a diagnostic test


Detection of early-stage ovarian cancer that allows for earlier chemotherapeutic intervention
Differentiation between early and late stages of disease

Technology Details

Ovarian cancer is associated with poor survival statistics that is attributable, in part, to the absence of major symptoms during the early stages of disease.   Currently, histopathology is still the primary method used to diagnose ovarian carcinomas.  Researchers at The University of British Columbia have identified a protein-based marker that offers early detection and prediction of specific varieties of gynecological cancers The technology involves the detection of oviduct-specific glycoprotein 1 (OvGP1).  Notably, it is a promising diagnostic marker for differential diagnosis of gynecological tumours that may allow for the identification and earlier treatment of aggressive malignancies.