A novel copper leaching process for chalcopyrite and enargite


  • Safe Leaching of arsenic rich concentrates
  • Atmospheric Leach at 80 deg C
  • No bacteria
  • No fine grinding or surfactants
  • Compatible with SX-EW
  • Complete copper recovery typically in 4 to 24 hours

Technology Details

GALVANOX™ is a set of methods for leaching copper from concentrates containing a mixture of copper sulphides, but particularly those containing chalcopyrite (CuFeS2) and enargite. UBC researchers David G. Dixon, Bernie Gonzalez, and Alain F. Tshilombo developed the novel process for the galvanically-assisted atmospheric leaching of primary copper concentrates.

This new process achieves virtually complete copper leach recovery typically in as little as twelve hours, is effective with low grade concentrates, reduces  SO2  gas  emissions and eliminates the costs of transportation to the smelter.

GALVANOX™ also allows the secondary recovery of precious metals such as gold.  

A simplified flowsheet: