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The UILO has over 400 active license and assignment agreements to its technologies.

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Additional UBC technologies are also available for licensing, usually under fixed, pre-established terms on Flintbox

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Neuroscience Research Tools

Novel promoters, cell lines and mice with brain region and cell type specific expression – useful for research into brain disorders

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Pharmacogenetic Testing to Prevent Adverse Drug Reactions

Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms and Haplotypes that are predictive of adverse reactions to commonly-used chemotherapy drugs

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Long Stroke Planar Motion Technology

A magnetically-levitated planar motion technology capable of long stroke motion, high acceleration and high positioning accuracy.  

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Hands On: a Real-time Adaptive Animation Interface

A new intuitive animation interface that exploits knowledge of physics and the physiology of human manipulation skills to simplify the animator’s task.

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In-Source Atmospheric Pressure-Electron Capture Dissociation (AP-ECD)

A New Tool for Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Peptides and Proteins

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A novel copper leaching process for chalcopyrite and enargite

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Caulobacter Crescentus: A New Expression and Display System

A novel protein and peptide expression and display system utilizing the S-layer of Caulobacter crescentus

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Rim 3F4 Hybridoma Cell Line

This is an antibody and epitope for the development of protein expression and purification systems

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