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The UILO has over 400 active license and assignment agreements to its technologies.

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Additional UBC technologies are also available for licensing, usually under fixed, pre-established terms on Flintbox

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Fully Automatic 2D Stitching of Digital Images

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Novel 18F Radiolabelled Tags for PET Imaging

Non-invasive Positron Emission Tomography imaging using Tri-fluoroborate tag molecules that efficiently and readily fluorinate any bio-molecule of choice.

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SIFT: Scale Invariant Feature Transform

3D Image Recognition Technology for Machine Vision

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Lung Assessment Using Computer Tomography

A software program that determines the weight, tissue composition and various geometrical measures of the lung from lung CT scans

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Mouse Model for Mucopolysaccharidosis type I (MPSI)

IDUA knockout mouse for the study of lysosomal storage diseases

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Rho 1D4 Antibody

A multi functional monoclonal antibody that specifically binds rhodopsin from a wide variety of mammalian rod cells

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T Cell Receptor Zeta Chain Antibody

The invention is a novel monoclonal antibody specific for the T cell receptor zeta chain and is referred to as G3.

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Antibodies against Synaptic Proteins

Monoclonal Antibodies that are Reactive against a Range of Synaptic Proteins

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