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The UILO has over 400 active license and assignment agreements to its technologies.

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Additional UBC technologies are also available for licensing, usually under fixed, pre-established terms on Flintbox

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T Cell Receptor Zeta Chain Antibody

The invention is a novel monoclonal antibody specific for the T cell receptor zeta chain and is referred to as G3.

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Antibodies against Synaptic Proteins

Monoclonal Antibodies that are Reactive against a Range of Synaptic Proteins

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Automatic high-quality hexahedral mesh generation  

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3D Microscope Stabilization System

Real-time drift-free super-resolution imaging at variable depth

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Androgen Receptor Inhibitors

The development of anti-androgens with a new mechanism of action for treatment of castration resistant prostate cancer

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Self-propelled Particles for Hemostatic Applications

Improved coagulation of blood in hemorrhage   

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Small molecules that alter SRSF10-Mediated Alternative Splicing

Novel small molecules with demonstrated activity that (i) inhibit replication of drug-resistant strains of HIV; (ii) promote exon 7 inclusion in SMN2 in a patient-derived cell line and; (iii) reduce the transcription of BCLAF1 transcript variant in colon cancer cell lines

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Therapeutics for Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Polyphosphate (polyP) for the treatment of complement-associated disorders

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