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The UILO has over 400 active license and assignment agreements to its technologies.

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Additional UBC technologies are also available for licensing, usually under fixed, pre-established terms on Flintbox

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Fast Exhaust Nephelometer (FEN)

Measurement of particle emissions from engines with intra-cycle time resolution

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Tissue Engineered Blood Vessels as a Model for Drug Discovery in Alzheimer’s Disease

Humanized 3D blood vessels are improved in vitro tools for cerebrovascular studies Model for Alzheimer’s disease and blood brain barrier function Screening system for therapeutic candidates that target Aβ deposition or enhance Aβ clearance Screening system for therapeutic candidates that target apoE secretion   

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Designer Probiotics for Effective Inflammatory Bowel Disease Therapy

Designer E.coli Nissle and L. reuteri strains reduce intestinal pathology and inflammatory cytokine production in the DSS-induced murine model of colitis. Designer probiotics outcompete the parent probiotic strain under anoxic growth conditions to improve probiotic survival in the gut. Designer probiotics express surface adhesion proteins that promote colonization of the gut.  

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