Small Cationic Immuno-modulatory and Anti-Microbial Peptides

New cationic peptides that modulate innate immunity to prevent bacterial infection


  • Use as a broad spectrum antibiotic, as peptides have been shown to be effective against Gram positive and negative organisms.
  • The peptides have the ability to modulate the innate immune system to provide a protective effect against infection.

Technology Details

Innate immunity is a highly effective and powerful general defence system that prevents infections from pathogens. Researchers at The University of British Columbia have been developing novel polypeptides between 7 and 13 amino acids in length, that work to boost a patient’s innate immune system to counter infection resulting in control and protection against a large number of microbial pathogens. The UBC researchers have shown their peptides can modulate polypeptide expression, thereby regulating sepsis and the inflammatory response in order to provide innate immunity. This large group of polypeptides has also been shown to have antimicrobial activity against a broad spectrum of organisms.

The researchers have also demonstrated that certain peptides also have the ability to act as adjuvants. Given their ability to induce chemokines, these peptides may be a superior alternative to currently used adjuvants.