Automatic high-quality hexahedral mesh generation



  • Rapid mesh generation (seconds to minutes)
  • High quality (min. & avg.)
  • Tested on challenging models
  • Advanced executable available

Technology Details


Due to their numerical properties, hexahedral meshes are preferred and widely used for numerical simulations in several engineering domains. However, the automatic meshing of arbitrary objects with high quality, or well-shaped, hexahedra has remained an on-going problem. Consequently, industrial practitioners still largely rely on a variety of semi-manual approaches that require considerable user interaction, and can involve days or even weeks to generate meshes of complex shapes.


Researchers at UBC have developed a new method for computing low-distortion PolyCube maps of general shapes and the automatic generation of high quality hexahedral meshes. The method uses a volumetric deformation approach to simultaneously compute the PolyCube structure and mapping to the input, and is based on the observation that surface normals of a PolyCube are axis-aligned. The method forms the PolyCube by rotating surface normals appropriately, while minimizing the subsequent distortion throughout.

Using the mapping between the input models and the generated PolyCube, one is able to naturally align mesh elements with the input shapes to automatically generate well shaped all-hex meshes of complex natural and man-made shapes. The resulting meshes have very regular, structured, connectivity, and are a good approximation of the input.

An advanced executable and source code is available for licensing and for testing models.