Rim 3F4 Hybridoma Cell Line

This is an antibody and epitope for the development of protein expression and purification systems


  • The Rim 3F4 antibody may be covalently bound to affinity gels directly using cyanogen bromide or indirectly using any of the common immobilization linkers.
  • The Rim 3F4 antibody can be used to detect 3F4-tagged proteins by immunocytochemical methods (for example, immunofluorescence labeling for conventional and confocal scanning laser microscopy, and immunogold labelling for transmission and scanning electron microscopy). 
  • The Rim 3F4 antibody can also be used in co-immunoprecipitation studies to analyze protein-protein interactions.

Technology Details

The University of British Columbia have developed a cell line for the Rim 3F4 antibody and have isolated and characterized the epitope sequence in the Rim 3F4 protein. The epitope sequence is amenable to recombinant protein expression and the binding characteristics of the Rim 3F4 antibody are ideal for protein purification.  The monoclonal antibody Rim 3F4 directed against the bovine 220-kDa disc rim protein was generated from a BALB/c mouse that had been repeatedly immunized with a partially purified preparation of the 220-kDa protein. 

Figure 1. Western blot of Rim protein using the monoclonal Rim 3F4 antibody. Triton X-100 solubilized rod outer segment membranes, that contain rim protein were passed through a DEAE-Fractogel TSK column and the unbound fraction was collected. Solubilized ROS membranes (lane a) and the unbound DEAE fraction (lane b) were subjected to SDS-gel electrophoresis (10 µg of protein/lane).