UBC Principles for Access to Technologies related to COVID-19

UBC researchers across all disciplines are responding to COVID-19. They are working to develop treatments and prevent its spread, and are bringing multi-faceted approaches to gain a deeper understanding of its impacts, and its cultural, social and historical context.

The UBC UILO has adopted technology commercialization and mobilization strategies to facilitate rapid pandemic responses by our partners.  To this end the UILO will:

  1. Prioritize the completion of agreements that relate to the development of and access to COVID-19 related research or technology.
  2. Where possible, mobilize COVID-19 related technology through time-limited, non-exclusive royalty free licenses, in exchange for the licensee’s commitment to rapidly make and broadly distribute products and services to prevent, diagnose, treat and contain COVID-19 and protect healthcare workers during the pandemic (as defined by the World Health Organization).
  3. In keeping with UBC’s academic mandate and policies, all licenses will preserve UBC’s freedom to publish and use the licensed intellectual property for teaching and research.

The University of British Columbia has signed on to the Association of University Technology Managers’ COVID-19 Licensing Guidelines.