Recently Issued US Patents

Explore the list of the latest UBC inventions with issued US patents.

Quantitative Elastography with Tracked 2D Ultrasound Transducers

Next generation point-of-care ultrasound imaging systems

Currently being commercialized by Sonic Incytes Medical Corporation.

UBC Faculty Inventor(s): Septimiu Salcudean (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Robert Rohling (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Patent Number: 10,117,640
Issue Date: Nov 06, 2018

Displacement Devices and Methodsfor Fabrication, Use and Control of Same

Electromagnetically controlled movers on a planar conveyor system

UBC Faculty Inventor(s): Xiaodong Lu (Mechanical Engineering)
Patent Number: 10,116,195
Issue Date: Oct 30, 2018

Licensing opportunity

Methods for Assaying Cellular Binding Interactions

Microfluidic devices for assaying binding interactions of biomolecules

Currently being commercialized by Abcellera

UBC Faculty Inventor(s): Carl Hansen (Physics and Astronomy)
Patent Number: 10,107,812
Issue Date: Oct 23, 2018

Atlas-augmented ultrasound guidance of spinal needle insertions

Improved ultrasound imaging of the spine to augment administration of epidural injections

UBC Faculty Inventor(s): : Robert Rohling (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Purang Abolmaesumi (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Patent Number: 10,105,120
Issue Date: Oct 23, 2018

System and Method for Microfluidic Cell Culture

Microfluidic devices useful for culturing and recovering cells

Currently being commercialized by Abcellera.

UBC Faculty Inventor(s): Carl Hansen (Physics and Astronomy)
Patent Number: 10,087,408
Issue Date: Oct 02, 2018