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UBC technologies have been at the heart of a huge range of treatments, products, processes and services and have generated an estimated $11bn in sales.

The UILO actively markets technologies across many disciplines, and is responsible for negotiating options, term sheets and licensing terms on behalf of UBC. We welcome discussion with potential licensees.

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Motion Table

A magnetically-levitated planar motion technology capable of long stroke motion, high acceleration and high positioning accuracy.

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Automatic high-quality hexahedral mesh generation.

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Fully Automatic 2D Stitching of Digital Images.

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SIFT Feature Detection Software

3D Image Recognition Software for Machine Vision.

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3D Microscope Stabilization System

Real-time drift-free super-resolution imaging at variable depth.

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Androgen Receptor Inhibitors

The development of anti-androgens with a new mechanism of action for treatment of castration resistant prostate cancer
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SRSF10-Mediated Alternative Splicing

Novel small molecules with demonstrated activity that (i) inhibit replication of drug-resistant strains of HIV; (ii) promote exon 7 inclusion in SMN2 in a patient-derived cell line and; (iii) reduce the transcription of BCLAF1 transcript variant in colon cancer cell lines.

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Epidural Needle Guidance

Ultrasound guidance system to improve safety in the delivery of epidural anesthesia

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Self-propelled Particles for Hemostatic Applications

Improved coagulation of blood in hemorrhage

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