Tell us about your Invention

While we encourage researchers to contact Technology Transfer Managers as early as possible in their exploration of a potential commercialization or technology mobilization opportunity, filing an invention disclosure with the UILO is the first step in our undertaking a substantive assessment of the opportunity. 

These invention disclosures are required by UBC Policy LR11.

The UILO is transitioning its online services to a new provider.  During this transition the Online Invention Disclosure form will not be available.  Please download and fill out the .pdf Invention Disclosure Form using the link below.  

Invention Disclosure Form (PDF)   

Online invention disclosure instructions
  1. Access the following link as above using the internet browser of your choice:
  2. Enter your UBC Campus Wide Login (CWL) username and password in the appropriate places.
  3. If this is your first time accessing the Online Invention disclosure system you will be prompted to create a new account.  This will request identifying information, you may fill out as much information as you’d like in this form,  but the only required information is:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Title
    • Main Department
    • Email Address
    • Phone (not required,  but helpful if you can provide)

      Screenshot of online disclosure form

      Other information requested is optional at this stage but may be requested if the UILO proceeds to commercialize the disclosed invention.

  4. Once you enter your details, the system will check your information vs. existing contact records in the UILO database.  If it finds entries that it thinks might be you (usually because you have previously disclosed an invention to the UILO), it will ask you to confirm or reject the existing contact.  Please confirm if the account details match.

  5. You will then access the Invention Disclosure Dashboard,  from here you can:
    • Create and submit new Invention disclosures
    • See the status of prior Invention disclosures
    • Edit your profile.

  6. To create a new Invention disclosure press the “Add New Disclosure” tab on the left hand side of the screen.

  7. You will then be prompted for the following information:

    • Disclosure Type (always Invention, this is currently the only disclosure type)
    • Disclosure Title – please keep brief and non-confidential (i.e. don’t give the secret sauce in the title)
    • Description of the Invention – preferably brief, describe the invention and what you believe is new & advantageous about it.  You can append more detailed information as a file attachment.
    • Public Disclosure status – click the radio button if there has been any public disclosure of the technology, including publications, presentations, posters, discussions with companies outside of a confidentiality agreement.  Please attach any publications/presentations.
      • If there has been a public disclosure you will be requested to provide the date of the first public disclosure (date of the presentation / discussion with company, or date the publication became available online)
    • You’ll be asked the same question for pending public disclosures / publications
    • You can then upload any relevant documents that describe the invention in more detail,  for example:
      • Draft or published manuscripts, papers, posters, presentations.
      • Relevant background material
      • Drawings that help explain the invention
    • You can add Remarks – essentially any additional information that you think is immediately pertinent
    • Add the other inventors, note that inventors are those people who contributed to the conception to an invention (i.e. those people who contributed to the idea), not necessarily those people who did the work.  For software technologies the people who wrote the code should also be included.  You will be given the option to search for existing contacts in the UILO database and add them or to create new inventors.  The other inventors will receive email notifications:
      • When they are added to the invention disclosure
      • When the invention disclosure is submitted
    • You can also add subscribers, these are people who weren’t directly involved in the invention but you would like to be able to see the information.  For example laboratory managers or administrators.
    • Finally, you can save as a draft or submit for review.
  8. A UILO administrator will review your submission and either approve it or request additional information.  Once the disclosure is approved you will receive a confirmation email and each inventor will receive a request for digital signature.

  9. A UILO Technology Manager will then be in contact to discuss the technology further.

If you have any problems with the online invention disclosure process please contact describing the issue you’ve faced.  

You can also download these instructions as a PDF.


Public Disclosure

Note that public disclosure of an invention can limit the ability to obtain the patent protection that may be necessary to commercialize or otherwise mobilize a technology.  Public disclosures can be made in any written, printed, electronic or oral form, include journal publications, poster or oral presentations, or discussions with companies or other external collaborators.  If you plan to make a public disclosure for an invention you feel may be valuable and patentable, please talk to your Technology Transfer Manager as far in advance of your presentation/publication/discussion as possible.