Tell us about your Invention

While we encourage researchers to contact Technology Transfer Managers as early as possible in their exploration of a potential commercialization or technology mobilization opportunity, filing an invention disclosure with the UILO is the first step in our undertaking a substantive assessment of the opportunity. 

These invention disclosures are required by UBC Policy LR11.

You can submit an online disclosure using the link below. If you experience any difficulties accessing the system, please contact .

Online Disclosure Form  

Public Disclosure

Note that public disclosure of an invention can limit the ability to obtain the patent protection that may be necessary to commercialize or otherwise mobilize a technology.  Public disclosures can be made in any written, printed, electronic or oral form, include journal publications, poster or oral presentations, or discussions with companies or other external collaborators.  If you plan to make a public disclosure for an invention you feel may be valuable and patentable, please talk to your Technology Transfer Manager as far in advance of your presentation/publication/discussion as possible.