Creating Research Partnerships

In all research relationships, the starting point is a “meeting of the minds” as to the nature of the research project between a UBC researcher, and a third party.

Once this is achieved, UILO will participate in creating whatever documents are necessary to formalize the partnership. The following instructions list the steps that researchers should follow to make the process as quick and easy as possible.


Research Plan

Develop Research Plan (or “proposal” or “statement of work”)

After all information has been received by UILO:

  • UILO will contact sponsor to discuss contract, if required.
  • After the contract has been finalized, UILO will request that UBC Research Trust Accounting send an invoice to sponsor.
  • Except for most government-sponsored research projects, UILO will normally set up a research account after the first payment has been received (RISe will automatically notify the PI when the account is set up, and provide account details).
  • Accounts will be set up only after the following have been completed (if applicable):
    1. Ethics approval
    2. Conflict of Interest declaration
    3. Animal care, biohazardous material, etc. certifications