Commercialize an Invention

The UILO works with the research community at UBC and its Affiliated Hospitals to translate research outputs, including patentable inventions, proprietary materials, research tools, software and other innovations, out of the academy for the betterment of society.

We collaborate with researchers to understand their research, goals and priorities and through this engagement develop strategies to maximise the impact of innovation at UBC.

UBC shares 50% of net revenues generated through commercialization with the inventors of the commercialized technology.

The Technology Transfer Group:

  • Evaluates innovations from UBC for their potential to generate positive societal, financial and economic impacts
  • Secures protection for intellectual property developed at UBC
  • Protects the rights and interests of UBC’s researchers
  • Establishes strategies for the commercialization or non-commercial mobilization of UBC’s innovation assets
  • Aids researchers in identifying and securing development funding for their innovation
  • Engages with industry partners to establish mutually beneficial commercialization agreements
  • Aids in the formation of spin-off companies

This starts with a conversation, contact a member of the UILO Technology Transfer team to discuss your innovation and how we can help.

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