Tech Transfer Contacts by Faculty

Please find your technology transfer contacts listed by faculty below. 


UILO Contact

UBC Okanagan


All Faculties

Derek Gratz (250-807-9853) or James McCartney (604-722-4772)

UBC Vancouver

Arts Brett Sharp (604-822-8588)
Allard School of Law Brett Sharp (604-822-8588)
Applied Science  
Chemical and Biological Engineering Paul Cyr (604-822-8166)
Civil Engineering Meir Deutsch (604-822-9395) or Austin Lee (604-822-7477)
Electrical and Computer Engineering Meir Deutsch (604-822-9395)
Materials Engineering Paul Cyr (604-822-8166)
Mechanical Engineering  Paul Cyr (604-822-8166)
Mining Engineering Brett Sharp (604-822-8588)
Nursing  Austin Lee (604-822-7477)
Dentistry Robyn Law (604-827-4430)
Education Brett Sharp (604-822-8588)
Forestry Austin Lee (604-822-7477)
Land and Food Systems Austin Lee (604-822-7477)
On-campus researchers Robyn Law (604-827-4430)
UBC Affiliated Hospitals and off-campus Health Research Institutes (VCHA / C&W / Providence / BC Cancer) Brad Wheeler (604-827-5086)
Pharmaceutical Sciences Robyn Law (604-827-4430)
Sauder School of Business Brett Sharp (604-822-8588)
Chemistry Brett Sharp (604-822-8588)
Computer Science Meir Deutsch (604-822-9395)
Earth and Ocean Science Meir Deutsch (604-822-9395)
Mathematics Meir Deutsch (604-822-9395)
Michael Smith Laboratories Robyn Law (604-827-4430)
Microbiology and Immunology  Robyn Law (604-827-4430)
Physics and Astronomy Paul Cyr (604-822-8166)
Statistics Meir Deutsch (604-822-9395)
Zoology Robyn Law (604-827-4430)
Any other units Brett Sharp (604-822-8588)