Frequently Asked Questions

The following are frequently asked questions about establishing research partnerships.

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How do I get an agreement reviewed?

Essentially, the UILO will review agreements once a project plan and budget have been developed and a Research Project information Form have been completed. See How to Form Research Partnerships for more details.

How do I get a sub-site agreement template sent to sites participating in my clinical study?

When the funding arrangements have been finalized, the following items are needed for UILO to create sub-site agreements:

A. For drafting the sub-site agreement:

  1. CREB Application #
  2. Copy of Protocol document
  3. Individual sub-site budget and payment schedule document
  4. UBC account(s) that the funds will be drawn from and transferred to the sub-sites
  5. Term (duration) of the Study
  6. CRF (case report form) documents (if applicable, and if not already included in the Protocol)
  7. Site Investigator responsibilities document (if applicable and not already included in the Protocol)
  8. Document listing Site Institutions, Site Investigator Name, Site Investigator e-mail address-as fyi only, because coordinator will be responsible for sending out the agreements to the sites.

Once these have been received (preferably e-versions sent together in one email), an appropriate subcontract can be drafted.  Input from the PI and from the coordinator will then be needed to ensure that the subcontract is as specific as possible to the Study.

B. SOP for review and signing process:

  1. Coordinator sends out the final version of the sub-site agreement to the sites, along with any of the appendices such as case report forms and protocol to their sub-site contact.  Let your contact know that the agreement is to be forwarded to their contracts office for review.
  2. *If* the sub-site has no proposed revisions beyond just adding their own information (i.e. name of institution and name of PI), have them sign first.  Request sub-site to send the partially-signed agreements to Coordinator (we will need 2 copies - one for UBC another for the affiliated hospital, PI gets a pdf copy), at which point Coordinator will get PI’s signature and forward to UBC for signatures, and UBC will arrange for VCHA signatures.  *NOTE* that we cannot finalize any of these agreements with the sub-sites until they have received their ethics approval at their site.
  3. If the sub-site has proposed revisions in the contract language, please have them contact the contracts officer directly.  The signature process will be determined later on, depending on where we are with the contract.  Coordinator, and PI will *always* be copied on any correspondence so that both are aware of the status of the sub-site agreements. *NOTE* that if they have any questions about the budget, please do not direct them to Tom, as that is the PI/Study group’s domain.

Please ensure that Coordinator maintains records of which sub-site agreements have been sent to UILO for signature.

How do I get a research account set up through UILO?

Funds for research cannot be received by the University until a grant (or donation) or contract has been established with the Sponsor. Once this is complete, the sponsor is invoiced by UBC Research Trust Accounting. UILO is notified when the funds are received, and UILO sets up a research account normally within five business days from receipt of funds, and after all ethics approval and other required certifications are complete. 

Who sets the indirect cost recovery rates?

Indirect cost (or “overhead”) recovery is governed by UBC Policy #87 “Research”.

How do I get an indirect cost recovery exemption?

Any deviation from the standard indirect cost recovery rate must be approved, in writing, by your Dean and forwarded to UILO. Ensure that the indirect cost recovery rate is clearly indicated in your Research Project Information Form.

Do I have authority to sign contracts?

Few people at the University have authority to bind the University through contracts. Authority to sign contracts is governed by UBC’s signing resolutions; authority to sign research contracts and agreements is governed by Signing Resolutions #11. 

Who will issue a Letter of Intent for my grant application?

The Office of Research Services issues these Letters for government and non-profit grant applications.